A downloadable children's card game

Use the LEFT and RIGHT MOUSE BUTTONS to select which card to use and aim where you want to send the ball.

I was having issues with the web build, so I am only including the downloadable version.

In this frenetic action ping pong game, you play as Amadeus Rostolfio, a young man whose uncle taught him how to play BattleTennis. Wielding his uncle's deck and paddle Amadeus must fight against the powers of evil to save the world. In the world of BattleTennis, arguments are solved through a game of BattleTennis.

This was made for Ludum Dare #40 and as such, is in no way complete, I mostly aimed to create a visually and mechanically sound experience, that could be enjoyed for a couple of minutes

UPDATE: Added Golden Smash Card and added more feedback

UPDATE 2: fixed reticle disappearing

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