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Guardian of the Ocean was created at Griffith University as a final year project. The project was completed over a 6 month period by a team of myself and 5 other students. At the end of year showcase I was awarded Most Outstanding 3D Game Art, and the game was awarded Best Game for the Year. 

I was the producer on the project, making sure that everything submitted to the project was to a consistent and high quality, and performing organisational and scheduling duties. I also modelled, rigged, and animated all of the characters, modelled the environmental props, designed and programmed the octopus and pirate boss battles, created all of the visual effects, lighting, cutscenes, and assisted in the programming of many game elements including the player controller.


Nathan Martin

Steven Pittman

Ellie Samson

Bryce Campbell

Daniel Milne

Liam O'Keefe


GuardianOfTheOcean.zip 165 MB


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When is this coming out for Android?

How the hell did you find this?

Followin, baby. I gots me an email about it.