A downloadable portfolio

Hi there! This is my portfolio, showing work that I've completed over the last few years.

University Work

I started out making games for fun during Ludum Dare game jams, all of which were created in Construct 2 in just 48 hours. After high school I got into the Griffith University Bachelor of Games Design, where I have been learning new skills and furthering my knowledge.

These two images are screenshots from Subscenity, a first person exploration game, I was in charge of 3d modelling, material design, shaders, lighting, and basically anything else that pertains to the visuals of the game. 

Trenchcoat is an experimental co-op game, which puts the players in control of three kids in a trenchcoat, as they wobble around the halls of their school to alter their permanent records. I modelled and rigged the character, as well as writing the majority of the code for the gameplay.

The final image is an environment I created with the intent to find an artistic style, it depicts a beach-side town, with a few shops on the docks. It is just a practice at creating low poly, cartoon styled environments.

Ludum Dare Games

Below are links to all of the Ludum Dare Games I have made, sorted from now until I started:


Ronut was made for Ludum Dare 38, with the theme: A Small World

You can click here to play it!

10SFT2LF Eating Contest

10SFT2LF Eating Contest was made for Ludum Dare 34, with the theme: Growing/Two Button Controls

You can click here to play it!

Full Frontal Combat

Full Frontal Combat was made for Ludum Dare 32, with the theme: An Unconventional Weapon

You can click here to play it!

Play PC R-9400

Play PC R-9400 was made for Ludum Dare 31, with the theme: Entire Game on One Screen

You can click here to play it!

Earth Defense Team 2492

Earth Defense Team 2492 was made for Ludum Dare 30, with the theme: Connected Worlds

You can click here to play it!

In Too Deep

In Too Deep was made for Ludum Dare 29, with the theme: Beneath the Surface

You can click here to play it!


Oc2Dad was made for Mini Ludum Dare 50, with the theme: Demake

You can click here to play it!

More information

Published May 30, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorElliot Samson