A downloadable portfolio

Hi there! This is my portfolio, showing work that I've completed over the last few years. You can contact me by emailing boblyboo10@gmail.com

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  • Unity
    • C# programming, Lighting, Shadergraph
  • Maya
    • Rigging and Animating Characters, Prop and Environment Modelling, UV Mapping
  • Photoshop

University Work

I started out making games for fun during Ludum Dare game jams, most of which were created in Construct 2 in just 48 hours. After high school I attended Griffith University where I completed my Bachelors of Games Design majoring in Player Experience in 2017.

Guardian of the Ocean

Guardian of the Ocean was my 3rd year project at Griffith University, it was completed over a 6 month period by a team of myself and 5 other students. I modelled all of the environmental props, characters, enemies, animated the characters and cutscenes, assisted with programming(including programming two of the boss battles), and was the producer for the project. 

At the end of year showcase I was awarded Most Outstanding 3D Game Art, and the game was awarded Best Game for the Year.

You can download a build of the game here.


Little Firefighter

I modelled and rigged these character based on @shenanigansen's Little Firefighter comics. This was an attempt at making modular characters that can be adjusted using simple parameters. You can see a couple of videos of the character with some stock animations Here and Here.

Train Wizard

As of March 2019, this is the current project I am working on, it is a game about a wizard on a train who makes potions to order for people at the next stop, it plays as a combination between Overcooked and Papers, Please. I created all the assets the game based on simple concept images by @botaannn. I am also creating my own custom shaders to give the game a more unique aesthetic.

via Gfycat


These two images are screenshots from Subscenity, a first person exploration game set in 1920's Chicago. I was in charge of 3d modelling, material design, shaders, lighting, and anything else that pertains to the visuals and noir aesthetic of the game. The game was built in Unity, and makes use of Unity's Realtime Global Illumination to give the game a gritty aesthetic.

You can download a build of the game here, but be warned, it's pretty broken due to changes in Unity and Substance Materials.


Trenchcoat is an experimental co-op game made in Unity, which puts the players in control of three kids in a trenchcoat, as they wobble around the halls of their school to alter their permanent records. I modelled and rigged the main character, as well as writing the majority of the code for the gameplay.

Beachside Town

This final image is a 3D environment I designed and modelled with the intention of creating a low fi prototype environment, and to further my environmental design skills. It depicts a beach-side town, with a few shops on the docks and a lighthouse on the cliff.


I made Titanic? for the Movie Game Jam, it took me 48 hours and ended up actually being two games in one.

You can download it here


Ludum Dare Games

Below are links to all of the Ludum Dare Games I have made, sorted from now until I started:

Battle Tennis DX Ultra Super

Battle Tennis was made for Ludum Dare 40, with the theme: The more you have, the worse it is. This is my first Ludum Dare game made in Unity.

You can click here to download it!


Ronut was made for Ludum Dare 38, with the theme: A Small World

You can click here to play it!

10SFT2LF Eating Contest

10SFT2LF Eating Contest was made for Ludum Dare 34, with the theme: Growing/Two Button Controls

You can click here to play it!

Full Frontal Combat

Full Frontal Combat was made for Ludum Dare 32, with the theme: An Unconventional Weapon

You can click here to play it!

Play PC R-9400

Play PC R-9400 was made for Ludum Dare 31, with the theme: Entire Game on One Screen

You can click here to play it!

Earth Defense Team 2492

Earth Defense Team 2492 was made for Ludum Dare 30, with the theme: Connected Worlds

You can click here to play it!

In Too Deep

In Too Deep was made for Ludum Dare 29, with the theme: Beneath the Surface

You can click here to play it!


Oc2Dad was made for Mini Ludum Dare 50, with the theme: Demake

You can click here to play it!